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Truth is the only thing

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 6/24/10 ThursdayNight 12 Tammuz 5770

Shiur and 12 Tammuz Fabrengen.

Page 32. Passed the middle of the page. Line starts, “pnimiut kesser mamash...”

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Kesser exists even where it doesn't exist.

This is the matter of, “I called you from the depths of the depths...” meaning from the oneg of oneg, that which is completely beyond the level of hamshacha, and the chochmah of atzmus.

This is the level of yom kippur and tshuvah that does not express itself on the sentient level at all.

12 Tammuz Fabrengen

Everything in life has the element of pleasure and is connected to the source of pleasure/oneg.

Since we are in exile the mind of man conceals the soul/neshamah. We say le'chaim to bring out the truth of the soul.

We sing/say a niggun (a wordless melody), which has a body and soul. The tune is higher than the words, but it needs a soul in it.

The Rebbe Yosef Yiszchak was threatened with a gun. He stared it down and said, “for a man with one world and many gods this is frightening, but for one with one G-d, and many worlds it is of no consequence.”

One sees the reality behind the physical item. The item in the world, by itself is nothing, immediately one sees its purpose and message. What is the value of world? The G-dly presence that is in it – so how can you threaten me?!

We learn together. The rebbeim gave us the spirit to do it. We learn not as “literature”, we learn with the perspective that, “the rebbe is teaching us something, he is talking to us...”

The life force we have in the world is drawn from this day of 12-13 Tammuz. We are learning the principle that by being connected to the rebbe we are connected to Him and then everything becomes real.

The essence of the word is Him, not the world. Each has this essence – absolutely the same.

Seeing the rebbe is like seeing reality itself. The perception of chochmah, our finest perception – is that absolute truth exists. Experiencing that for a moment brings life. Seeing the rebbe lifts our perception towards this.

Beware the cynic that whispers, “what's truth got to do with it? Have fun, raise your kids and you'll have done your duty in life” - this is no joke.

This love should be with “truth” the Alte Rebbe wrote in his Tanya – and without the word truth he would have had 50 000 more coming with him, but he know that anything in kedusha/holiness, has to be the truth that is drawn from chochmah, with the oneg embedded in it.

Our focus is not, ”we have to make the world a better place to live” - our job is to bring G-dliness into the world. Without that you have nothing – our times have been the proof of this. In our times we see misery in the midst of material abundance.

Truth is the only thing that the soul can relate to.

Everything in the world is pointing with a finger to Elokus – it itself represents Him.

The Rebbe Yosef Yitzchak said our work is like climbing a staircase, and to make progress, one needs to be secure on each step. If you footing is slippery, even though you may be in a high place, you are no place. This is why the progress is slow.

One step our of restriction of Mitzraim, Exodus from Egypt, no matter, the size of the step, is a real revolution.

The magid of mezeritch was a giant before he went to the baal shem tov. In a short time he absorbed from him. On his return he was a different man. His prayed took longer. To get the merchandise takes time – our goal is not to project – it is to get the merchandise.

... וחיי עולם

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