Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Breathing fresh air

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 7/28/2010 Wednesday 17Tammuz 5770

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Page 34 – the lower third of the page. Line starts “detynug...”

Underlying every kind of tynug is a pretense, even a false pretense, that this is the truth. Every crime is committed under the pretense of some kind of justification. This is the pathway for imprisoning the neshamah. Conceptually it should be impossible to steal. It is possible only due to the helem ve hester (hiding and concealment) of the world.

The mafia has a code of “honor”, but it is false. Honor is kavod, which is a G-dly attribute.

The primary quality of sechel is the ability to view things “objectively” - searching for the pure truth. How can a human do this? It means recognizing that there is a supreme, unidentifiable truth. Sechel gives everything a place of how it comes from that absolute truth. Sechel looks for the positive intent even if it cannot be defined. It knows that the truth is there, since without it nothing would exist. So the way I relate to this precarious existence is that “this ultimate truth” created it, and if not for that I could not relate to it.

This determination that “there has to be an ultimate truth” is tynug. Without that “I can't find a place for myself” - its not just a question of what the world is about, but “what am I about?” sechel is in touch with tynug and thus knows of this ultimate truth.

In America, one of the most popular words are, “free”. Getting something for free gives one a sense of delight. The reason for the pleasure is that one has a sense of something that is not in response to one's own actions. It provides a sense of something greater. Oneg has this attribute of being greater and not of one's own making. This being “one with the truth” is what sechel is trying to extend to an entire view.

“Objectivity” alludes to this level of truth – this is where sechel and oneg are identical. That level of truth is a delight.

Essence of all sechel is emunah, which is a direct recipient of tynug. This is the inner most meaning of sechel. Chochmah has a perception of this truth.

The outer walls of the house include () all the rooms. But it includes it in a general way. Nosay is “carrying” - the oneg is noseh all the faculties. All the kochot ultimately represent the oneg.

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... וחיי עולם

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