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AyinBase with R' Paltiel 7/4/2010 Sunday 22 Tammuz 5770

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Page 33 – Just above mid point of the page. Line starts “behinat hamshacha...”

Being in a room provides a makif. It gives a sense of togetherness before the activity takes place. Every activity has a makif that gives it a context, within which it is enacted.

There are two levels of makif – makif de ohr yashar and makif de ohr chozer. Makif goes beyond what is fully comprehended. Makif has the element of infinity.

Or yashar means something that is directly related to this makif. Or chozer is something that reverts back. A way to think of this is like a ball thrown against a wall.

When the ball hits the wall and bounces back, this is or chozer. It flies back to its source, but it is flying now due to hitting the wall. It is an unknown. The original source is no longer directly involved.

When the ball flies back the makif is totally passive. What was the origin is now the recipient. It is now the recipient because it was the source.

Tshuvah is called or chozer. You are distant and don't know the truth, yet you are pulled towards it.

You are distant and have discomfort with your present situation. That discomfort is due to the truth of the neshama – I sense the negativity since deep down there is the real thing.

When a man walks to the subway to go to work, there is a ratzon that motivates that, and this extends to higher levels, till it is beyond definition. The real essence of the person not even within his experience.

Love between two people is within a makif that unites them. This is called makif de or yashar. That “I seek to express this truth of our relationship in some way” is already a hamshacha. - bringing it into expression and definition. From this hamshacha comes the or yashar.

We have the sun – the sun is superior by far to the element of light. The sun does not have darkness to illuminate. The light emanates from the truth of the sun having the essence of light.

When the sunlight hits the object it is transformed into heat. The heat is the essence of the sun. Heat is the source of the light. The light we get is the subset/lower level of the sun.

Since there is light it gives function to the heat. This is a side point.

We have made the distinction between light and day. Day is the essence of light. While we have light that illuminates darkness, at the same time there is a big difference if you use candle-light or daylight. Sunlight has for us that, “I am not just seeing the object, but there is overall light – daylight – all is visible” - daylight is like the makif of this or on the specifica object.

Makif in general is connected to the etzem. This is how it provides the power. In hamshacha there are 2 elements – the source and the destination. Hamshacha of the etzem – knowing oneself – and it is impossible to do anything in the world without first knowing oneself, even though it was not an hamshacha to the outside.

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