Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Like fire, it rises upwards

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 7/27/2010 Tuesday 16Tammuz 5770 

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Page 34 – the lower third of the page. Line starts “mushrash...”

The sechel gives an ID and a purpose to all the kochot.

All the faculties are rooted in source. This means that the faculties are not added later – they are not circumstantial.

Sechel has an atzmi/essence in it. It is there as a faculty, prior to the need of function. It is a a primary reality.

Essence of koach ha sechel is not its function, but its intent. Sechel wants to see things from an essential state.

The sechel at this level is of the essential tynug/pleasure. We experience based on a certain experience or subject, but this is not the end of pleasure. Life itself has a truth. This is a distant mashal for oneg Above or of the nefesh. The will to live is a subset of the nefesh itself.

All the oneg that we know is only a reflection of the truth of the oneg in the nefesh.

In the nefesh the oneg is an atzmi, even though we call it delight/satisfaction. There is a constant sense of delight in the nefesh – just from being. This type of being, is not only self-sustaining, it has the strength of being beyond any sense of justification. Sechel and oneg here are the same – the oneg is not my preference, but truth itself. Inherent in this sechel is the tynug of truth and hence the delight.

Because there is oneg, there is chochmah.

... וחיי עולם

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