Thursday, July 1, 2010

A little dirt and the food

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 7/1/2010 Thursday 19 Tammuz 5770

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Page 33 - 9th line from the top.

Birurim means to clean, clear out.

The dirt produced the fruit, the wheat, but the dirt must release it. The food grew in the earth since He put a G-dly power in the earth to produce.

Birurim in avodah is also dealing with mixture and confusion. A small impurity can render a whole thing impure. One touch can render the whole body impure.

Birurim are rooted in the atzmus ein sof – with this power can you purify.

Everything has elokus in it. You start with all you see is bad. Then you work it over till you see the good. To learn and to purify, you disregard your own experience and pick away the dust and the covering. This work connects you directly to the king. You may not care so much – but the king wants you to do it. In war the enemy does not represent the truth – an enemy of the Jewish people is an enemy of G-d.

There is a recognition that torah must be perfectly pure – this is a recognition not of chochmah, it is an acknowledgment that it comes from G-d and must be pure. Chochmah gives a form and this is like an alloy added to pure gold.

Torah is not limited by its form. Its essence from before it is a shape – from oneg atzmi. A form or shape is a system, with cause and effect. For things to make sense the sphirot must be in a inter-related form. Essence looks at each thing and how it emanates from its source – this is beyond chochmah.

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... וחיי עולם

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