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Bridge to Him; Stairway to Heaven

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 8/1/2010 Sunday 21 MenachemAv 5770

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In torah is the element of the luminary. This level transforms everything. Transforms darkness into light.

The transformation is into essential good.

The luminary is the One who precedes ohr. There is good and bad – that are exempified by light and dark. What is the difference – light points to a source and dark does not have a source. Klippa doesn't recognize a source.

Light has the counterpart of darkness. So no matter how much you argue for light, you can counter with darkness. The darkness is not transformed. They are equal. Darkness from our perspective is even more substantive than light. Light is seen to be precarious. But when you go to the level of luminary, both light and darkness is sourced there.

Since the luminary is neither light nor dark. It is the source of everything. In our world darkness does not need to be created, yet there has to be a world where light is missing. The light in the essence is the essence itself.

The torah transformation is to mutav – this is superior to tov – good. In the luminary there is no light and dark.

Luminary here is used not in the sense that it creates light. If it had light it would not be infinite – the reason we call it a luminary is because light has the sense of source. So here we use the term luminary as the meaning of “the source”.

From the maor / luminary perspective, both light and darkness have a source.

“In our form,” says Hashem, did He make torah. What form does he have? Usually a form is an add on. But here it is essential form.

We have day and night and seasons on the earth, yet the earth is a sphere – a form beyond limit, without up and down. The detail of time and season we experience is part of the infinity of the wold. Summer is “summer of the winter” on earth. The earth hangs in space - “it is just there” - it is infinity itself.

This gives us a sense of the infinity – we experience the day element of the entire 24. the measurements that the torah brings into the world are the specifics of the infinity. Since the world hangs on nothing now we have unlimited solidity.

The limits are not limits – they are bringing the infinite into a finite world. The light at the end of the tunnel is not just at the end – it is all along the tunnel...

... וחיי עולם

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