Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Living and existing

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 8/31/2010 Tuesday 21 Elul 5770

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We discussed how tynug is the basis of the faculties. We see an object in space – we see the specific object – the object is in a particular place, without which it could not be. In everything there is a limited and an unlimited presence. The space provides for this general existence, otherwise it would just be conceptual.

Usually we say every object takes up space, but truer than that is that, the object does not displace space, the space permeates the object. This is because the absolute presence of the object is provided for by space.

Tynug is that which provides for the koach, and the tynug permeates the koach.

Later we'll see how sechel and oneg are the same. Imagination is sechel without the oneg behinds it. He thinks he knows and understands, but he's not really there.

The overall presence is the oneg.

Oneg is the highest level of revelation.

It is possible to develop a chush/oneg in something new. Through working on it the chassid developed a deep appreciation of chassidus, whereas before he was a simple store keeper without a feel for it at all.

The nefesh is dressed in the koach and the oneg is the oneg of the nefesh.

Even though it is limited into the kochot, meaning that it is unlimited and something confines it. The oneg is still the oneg of the nefesh, yet it comes through in a limited form, into the faculty. In essence the oneg is above and removed from the faculties. Therefore when we see that it is in the faculty, we know it is in a limited form.

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