Friday, August 27, 2010

Pure Positive II

AyinBase with R' Paltiel on Friday 27 August 2010 - 17 Elul 5770

Notes from Yehuda:

8.27.10 (Friday, 17 Ellul) p.28 (third from bottom)

chesed is mispashet b/c of the oneg in it. even though there is the teva ha tov l'hativ it is not the teva that gives it its presence but rather the oneg.

in every koach there is the teva element of the koach and then there is the oneg element of the koach. reason the hand feels what it touches is a teva-dik thing. the hand is affected by the touch. same thing by the ear. the sound hits the ear drums and disturbs them. this is cause and effect. they are called senses, but this is not sensitivity at all. If I push the cup, is the cup sensitive to this? there is clearly a diff in the physicality level of the teva between touch, sound, sight but there is a teva element involved in all of them. yet in all of these koachos the nefesh is involved. clear distinction between the teva element and the nefesh element. the nefesh element is called the oneg. in touch, there is the effect of the item on the hand. then there is the feel of the hand (not the negativity aspect of it). I feel the gentleness or the roughness, the hardness or the softness. this is the oneg - how you relate to the quality of the object, not how your koach is affected itself.

this is oneg, but this is oneg that is mispashet in this particular koach, not the oneg itself. the pleasant sight/sound goes through the koach - it is related to the koach of sight/hearing. but b/c there is chayus in these kochos, therefore they open up and recognize the nuances in this sight / hearing.

we have the ability to express 22 letter through the 5 motzos ha peh. even though the sound itself is produced by various effects re: the air movement over the mouth, this is not the natural action that is taking effect. the choice to utter a particular sound comes from a much higher place. the consciousness he has in attempting to make the sound, is not how do I move my mouth, but it is focusing on the sound itself. the movement of the mouth is automatic. same in walking, you don't focus on moving the feet.

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