Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beyond darkness into light...

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 9/7/2010 Wednesday 7 Tishrei 5771 

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Page 29 – lower third of the page. Line starts, “bigdulas havaya...”

We've been looking at the way oneg extends itself into the faculties. The nefesh itself has delight in the activities of the faculties and senses.

One may ask. What additional experience is provided by the faculties and senses? The nefesh has the etzem of elokus? What is contributed by the kochot? The special addition is the “gilui” element – the aspect of the nefesh elokis becoming revealed.

The experience is akin to “the advantage of light from the darkness” - when he sees elokus from within something finite, this is the recognition of the infinite in the finite.

The fact that Torah can be expressed in clear words is phenomenal. There is a special oneg in the fact that something so infinite can be expressed in finite words.

Oneg is total calm and satisfaction. Oneg eloki is beyond this since elokus is already beyond a precarious framework. There is no negative. So thus oneg means that is is not an oneg of coming from darkness into light. It has no definitive explanation or element. The oneg eloki is by defnition bli gvul and yet it is having oneg in something finite. From a particular activity. Like speech etc...

This is a tynug atzum – a powerful delight! How so? This is due to the services of the chochmah element in the nefesh that is the keli for the koach of tynug. And through the chochmah the nefesh has the oneg. Chochmah has a consciousness, which is already not the essence – it is itself and outside the essence. This is a consciousness of the essence.

Since it has an outside it can relate to all the faculties and observations.

This chochmah of the nefesh gives the nefesh a presence in the consciousness level. The concept of a presence is like a name – it gives a person presence/recognition that touches his very essence. This is reaching into an element that in itself does not reveal itself.

All the grace and beauty in the world is trying to “catch up with” and express that “He made the world” and this is like chochmah revealing the essence.

... וחיי עולם

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