Monday, September 27, 2010

Relating to reality

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 9/27/2010 Monday 19 Tishrei 5771 

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We saw yesterday how chochmah ilah is related to torah. Through them is drawn down the aspect of tynug into all of creation.

Tynug is not a tangible element. And tynug does not exist without recognition of its source.

The nefesh experiences the oneg of all the different faculties and senses.

It is the chochmah itself that is a vessel for the giluim atzmi-im of the nefesh.

Chochmah is called koach ma – it is a faculty and nothing at the same time!

The rebbe once said of our lineage - “we get everything from our rebbe, where he gets it from is not our affair!” There is nothing outside. The nation is on the one hand separate from the king, but on the other hand totally butel, that they become one with him. The unity between king and nation is greater than any other unity. A son is a derivative of his father, in contrast to the nation being the hispashtus/spreading out of the king.

The malchus is one of ten sphirot – the kingship is not artificially created, it is an actual element of the nefesh. In malchus is reflected the essence of the king.

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... וחיי עולם

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