Thursday, October 14, 2010

The meaning and the music

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 10/14/2010 Thursday 5 Cheshvan 5771 
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Page 31 – lower third of the page (line starts “beshum davar... “) about ten lines from the bottom of the page.

Chochmah means “wisdom” - in everything it seeks out the absolute reality/truth. It doesn't need to satisfy any need of its own. It looks for the deepest reality.

Nevertheless even the level of chochmah needs a degree of hislabshlut – it is not at the level of oneg. The reality itself is not dressed in anything... this is why in order to receive the torah the jews had to say, “na-aseh ve nishmah” - how can you say you will obey before you know what is being asked? The answer is because “i am one with you” and so it is not really obedience.

“You don't need a reason for the reason, when it is an essential element – it is on the level of taste” at the higher level the question “why” doesn't apply any more.

Taste here also refers to tune. There is a correlation between the message and the tune.

The tune / taam is a reason that does not beg an explanation. It is a real taste, but it can be sensed in chochmah. If you sense a presence, that is not it's essence, that is it's manifestation. Chochmah is able to margish/sense and inyan atzmi – so here the external level of the tynug atzmi (essential delight) is grasped. Only chochmah can gain a sense of this taam/tune, since it is not dressed in a tangible form. Yet this level of taam is still a manifestation and not the essential element, behind which is an essential delight that is not dressed in anything.

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... וחיי עולם

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