Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The activity of silence

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/17/2010 Wednesday 10 Kislev 5771

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We counter a certain approach. We counter the worldy approach. There is a philosophy that say humans are fundamentally evil. As a philosophy it is not based on history, but on a view of existence, “where should good come from?” This is the week in the bible of countering Eisav (Esau).

The silence is like the bli mah on which all depends – the world is suspended by this “nothing”. The world is essentially good.

“The basis of knowledge is that there is a first Being that creates all and keeps everything in existence”, says the Rambam.

Everything that exists including klipah is fundamentally good.

The silence reaches the pnimius of kesser (the interior of the crown). This level is that everything is happening right now. It is being given right now! We have the infinity of space not because it is infinite but because it is being maintained infinitely.

This inner level has no presence – it is silence. This is in contrast to infinity. This is beyond ein sof. This is beyond the finite and the infinite.

It is not solicited. It is by means of fullness/completeness of this service (the service that states, “i have nothing, but what You make of me”), then automatically is drawn down/revealed this level of pnimius ha kesser (interior of the crown).

“atem tacharishu” - “you be quite” was said to us at the crossing of the sea. Escaping Egypt. There were 4 approaches to the crisis of facing the sea and having the army of egypt chasing us. Hashem said to us, “cancel all your plans, this is in My hands. It is not even in the realm of infinity. It is up to Me. From My (Atik) level the world doesn't really exist.” And we were quite and went into and through the sea...

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