Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Enticed by the truth

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/24/2010 Wednesday 17 Kislev 5771

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Page 38 – third from the top of the page (line starts “hasechel...”)

We said that in sechel there is hagbalah/limits. The root of the influence of sechel is from the koach hamaskit – the power “that makes you understand”. This is different from koach haiyuli hatzmi.

Koach hamaskil is related not the sechel per se but the hashpah/download of the sechel. For this there has to be a connection/love between the teacher and student.

The functioning sechel has something that activates it – this is called hashpaas ha sechel. What pushes it to understand? This is the koach hamaskil. It is not just a facilitator, it instigates.

Koach hamaskil is already an active state that is drawn from the koach sechel hahiuli ha-atzmi.

Koach is funtioning and atzmi is essential. How can atzmi be referred to as koach? The term hiuli qualifies the word koach.

We are being introduced to concepts that talk to the essence of our sechel. We are getting to the essence of things. Why do we want to get to the essence? The real level of sechel is to be able to relate to the truth itself and it is not imposed.

At the wedding rabbi was asked, “do you really believe in G-d? You have no doubt?” He answered “when you get into it, it is reality and it is not superimposed.” The atzmi is the real thing and all else is a derivative almost circumstantial. Only a truth has an essence. Any external formulation lacks essence.

This is why we want to understand essence (understanding at depth), since then we relate to the truth. So G-d is not an add-on to the world. Not that for some inadvertent reason He is the boss. Rather is is the one that provides the world with a G-dly intent.

Hiuli is not, not present, but it is not a presence.

We talked about the difference between a person who has never seen and one who was sighted and then became blind. He retains a sense of what it is to see and the reality of the world that sight provides. Beyond imagining what is the experience of sight the blind man retains? What kind of experience is it? It is an experience that is not active. It is there, but not really there.

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