Friday, November 26, 2010

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AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/26/2010 Friday 19 Kislev 5771

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Page 38 – third from the top of the page (line starts “lehiyot...”)

We looked at the koach ha maskil which is the root and activator for sechel/ mental life.

What is behind this? Why does one insist that it “makes sense”? From the perspective of koach ha maskil, if the sechel is not engaged then nothing exists.

It says, “find out what this is, find out what is going on, work out what this means”.

This goes against the world's view, “one doesn't do anything unless pushed”, here we're saying the koach ha maskil is an internal life force.

This is an active koach that demands understanding. It is not the essential level. It is the source for functioning sechel.

Sechel at the lowest level is the logic of a particular system or discipline. The ability to excel in one sechel over another is due to the tziur of the koach ha maskil.

Take nigleh vs chassidus. In nigleah/revealed torah, it is the question that drives an answer. In chassidus there are no questions. So what is the instigator/inspiration...?! What do I seek? In essence in chassidus the aim is that one should recognize how every element I observe is connected to the source. It is finding the source in every element that he encounters.

In nigleh the demand is to distinguish between the various elements and know why the halacha is this way and not that way...

chassidus wants to go to the essence and wants to know where its all coming from...

One can have a tziur ha maskil that understands all the different elements in contrast to a tziur that focuses on the overall theme.

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