Thursday, November 4, 2010

An inherent unity

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/4/2010 Thursday 27 Cheshvan 5771

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Page 34 – just below the middle of the page. Line starts, “hanefesh atsmah... (at the end of that line)”

we are looking at the question of why the nefesh is called nefesh hasichli. Why is sechel used to describe nefesh, which is above sechel?

There are 2 levels in sechel. The first is the level that is at the stage of how sechel comes in reasoning and revelation. The second level is the way it is at its inception, which is an essential level.

The bird flies not because it has wings, but because it has the spirit of flight. A human being has sechel because it reflects what a human being is. It is not circumstantial.

The kochot are real and are rooted in the nefesh.

Still the faculties operate on a physical level and here we are saying that there is a level of sechel that is essential and yet it relates to the level that is operational.

... וחיי עולם

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