Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ways of seeing

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 12/8/2010 Wednesday 1 Tevet 5771

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Sechel ha atzmi is where you have the infinite. Any revealed sechel by definition has an element of gvul – limit.

The significance of this is that anything that is a limited sechel does not stand on its own. It is true when you focus on it and its support, but as you shift your attention one reverts to another orientation. In contrast to this, the atzmi level of sechel is beyond this. A revelation from the atzmi level that comes as a result of ohr chozer has an element of bli-gvul (infinity) and, that defines reality. This is where our cognizance of G-dliness is on par with our awareness of the world.

Inertia itself reveals an element of infinity. This is the G-dly presence in the world.

Usually sechel has a process and is limited. Here, using the example of intertia, is a physical phenomenon, that shows on infinity. The switch in seeing is the question, “what is the essence”. The animal mind says, “there is nothing there, so it continues on...” The sechel mind says, “there is no activity, it is not nothingness, it is G-dliness. It is an intended truth. Without G-dliness there is no nothingness...”

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