Tuesday, November 8, 2011

“Above Dependency” p: 58

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/8/11 Tuesday 11 Cheshvan 5772 

Page 58 – about middle of the page (line starts: ”highnu...” )
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The level of holy is removed from the regular chain of creation. It is from essence. In chochmah we have a similar feature at a lower level – a cognition not dependent on an existence.

In the world everything depends on something else. Holiness is above this dependency.

The hamshacha/flow/product from essence is complete novelty/innovation.

And there is no way to trace the innovation back to 'an aspect' of essence.

'If nothing's there, how does everything come from there?!'

A king and his country. The king is like essence. Nothing can touch him. Nothing bothers him. He's above need. And then the king consents to rule over a people and that creates the relationship. And that effectively creates the people.

Animals are also G-d's creatures, but what do they lack – they have no essential reality – they are reactive. The human being represents a reality. Where does he get a reality – he too is a creature. He gets real presence because of his cognizance of the real presence in the world – the King. When the king consent to rule it changes everything in his domain.

Everything gets an element of the king – the king's tree, the king's roads, the king's cities... and the king does not need these things. The regal element is bestowed on them and the country becomes real. Because of the connection to the king the country is elevated way beyond there original station.

The king's name is applied to his subjects. What is a name? Ein/nothing. And that makes them.

This is the real innovation, the king gives nothing, but by being their king the people become a real presence.

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