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“Even Down Here 'At The End of the Line'” p: 58

By Rivkah Siegel,, Crown Heights

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/6/11 Sunday 9 Cheshvan 5772 

Page 58 – about 8 lines from the top of the page (line starts: ”kuli...” )
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We have been looking at the relationship between hidden and revealed levels. Will contains everything that will be identified in mind/sechel, but it is not identified at the level of ratzon/will.

This has been discussed all the way up to the ohr einsof which is above the arousal of will.  

This topic (of the distinction between revealed and concealed) is relevant to the level/bechinat/test of 'light'/ohr only.

The Jewish people have gone through untold difficulties, and some crossed the line and for example became Communists who chased and arrested the Fredikke Rebbe. The real test happened when Communism fell. The dormant inner quality that was suppressed could become revealed.

What is the aspect/test of light? It means it can relate to the aspect of light/ohr/gilui.

One cannot give full expression to an insight. It is an internal experience that is not at the level of gilui/revelation. To assess the affect of something one looks at the external element and how it is manifest 'where it is not'. This is the functional level. This is not the thing itself.

On day one of creation there was light without a source. Adam could see, 'from one end of the world to the other'. This was the kind of light that eliminates darkness. If the light penetrates everything you don't really have the limitations of 'world'. If you see the G-dly light, there would literally be 'no world'. This is to explain that even ohr at this highest level is still 'just' ohr which is in contrast to 'world' and has a relationship to revelation.

Daytime is a state beyond function. It is more than, 'I can see my way across the street'. It is when the sky is illuminated. Yet light is still a combination of light and shadow. If it was too much we wouldn't have a world. Adam had light that penetrated everything, but he could still see objects. He didn't see objects because the light bounced off them, but because he could see how the object was initiated from above!

The rebbe is saying at the highest level and overall the light has a 'functional' effect. What is the meaning of 'overall/klalus ha inyan'? The truth of where it is coming from perculates through the entire system down to the lowest levels. We function on the earth in various ways, but really what holds everything us is that 'He suspends the world in midspace'. His presence is what maintains everything, and we see the logical element.

Even down here 'at the end of the line' the essence maintains everything and maintains it. The sense of stability we have is not based on the earth that holds up the building, but on His presence that maintains everything.

We function on a practical level and on levels that are above the practical. We use logic, but know deep down that the truth is that He holds it up. A greater Truth is present. There is a contradiction, He blesses you in 'all you do'. There is concealment. We do. But His blessing is what makes it real/solid.

But at the level of essence there is no distinction between hidden and revealed.

In the holy language, 'Hu' is third person. But 'atah' is You. This is essence that is above revelation and concealment. For essence, don't imagine anything. You are not standing before a bufallo. You are with Him. Imagine yourself standing in front of the King. The King is always present.

We go into the 'inner chambers'. We try to stay away and live a 'normal life', but sometimes we go to the 'inner chamber'.

Essence is not 'something that comes and goes' and this is why it is hidden, 'cos if not we would not be able to function. During Shmonei Esrei that's when you approach Him.  

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