Friday, November 11, 2011

“Ever Present Anywhere” p: 59

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/11/11 Friday 14 Cheshvan 5772

Page 59 – about 10 lines from the top of the page (line starts: ”yesh...” )

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Coming into existence of stuff/existence is by means of the tzimzum. metziut/stuff is something that identifies with itself rather than with Hashem.  

From Above there is no concealment and nothing can cause a concealment.

Rulership is found where 'direct relationship is missing'. There is no king without a people. The people are separate. But with ones own children there is an inherent, inner connection – this is ein elokim/no tzimzum. For atzmus nothing can conceal. Everything is within Him and nothing is separate. In ohr ein sof there shines in a revealed way the situation before the tzimzum.

A house designates space and yet the space is not separate. Yet we say, 'I'm in the house'. The space is contiguous. Consciously we see it as a separate place, but at a deeper level we feel how it is all part of one space. This is a metaphor for the tzimzum. It demarcates and defines, but does not essentially alter the primary situation.

Even that which does not recognize Elokus, and even that which opposes Elokus is part of Ohr Ein sof. The laws of physics seem to imply that all has its own existence – inertia says things continue in there present state. But if you look into with further insight it is seen that Elokus/G-dliness is what maintains everything.

Meditation on this allows the soul to be nul in G-dliness. Any yeshut dissipates by relating to atzmus elokus that is everywhere.

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