Tuesday, November 29, 2011

“Give Me a Glass of Water” p: 60

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/29/11 Tuesday 3 Kislev 5772 

Page 60 – about the middle of the page (line starts: ”ach...” ) See link (top right) for link to all pages of the text.

We are looking for the level of pure truth that does not need to be touched. To try to touch things on the level of concept, obscures what is being sought.

We are comparing the bitul of the 'animal soul' and saying it is on the level of the novelty of the 'talking bird' that arouses the interest of the king.

What is so special about the 'talking bird'? And how is it like the bitul of the 'animal soul'.

How does dibur/speech relate to a bird? There 4 categories in existence – inanimate, plant, animal and human. The human level is called 'medaber' – 'talker'. Why 'talker', why not 'the intelligent'? The level 'medaber' refers to expression – the expression tells us more than what happens in the inner/thinking process. The intelligence is just his sensitivity to that which is beyond intelligence - 'I choose the King'. Not what it is, but the relationship to G-dliness is what gives them presence.

Man relates to the essence, not just function. So too with all creatures, and how they relate to That which provides for them – the inanimate level relate to their Provider by silence.

Intelligence is what man is. 'Medaber/speaker' is his expression of truth.

Man relates everything back to its Maker. He says 'give me a glass of water'. And he identifies the truth of things in the world, without having to draw a picture or mention his thirst.

The fact that there is a absolute, without a subject, like the letters (called stones in the Zohar) indicates the Creator. Elokus is above world. And this is seen in the neutrality of speech.

Adam the first man, gave names to all the creations. A name is not significant and that is the significance. He's born without a name, yet his name gives him his royal status.

This reality is rooted in atzmus.

This is the novelty of the 'talking bird'. It touches the essence and goes beyond the kings usual orientation.

The 'talking bird' wakes him up and says, 'hey, this is part of your domain'. For the 'animal soul' to recognize elokus is a similar wonder... If I am nul I will have true being. This touches atzmus/essence.           

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