Thursday, November 10, 2011

“Job Description of Angels” p: 58

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/10/11 Thursday 13 Cheshvan 5772 

Page 58 – about middle of the page (line starts: ”she shorsham...”)

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The level of holiness is associated with neshamot/souls exclusively. They are rooted in Him and can draw down this essential quality. The angels say, 'holy', but they can only say it together with Israel.

After Israel draws down the essential light then the angels also have cognizance of it.

We say 'You are holy and Your Name is holy'. And you could say when the angels say, 'holy' they are referring to the name.

Israel sanctifies His Name and then the angels can say 'holy'. The angels partner with Israel, who brings His holiness, into His name.

Chochmah is very bright – a clear view of a G-dly topic. Binah is where it is clothed and expressed so that it can be grasped. Hence it is much less bright than chochmah.

Chochmah is like sight – it exists while in view. But that which you identify in that sight, corresponding to binah, can be taken with you...

when one is free of distractions a direct light is revealed from his soul. This means that it does not result from the effort of the individual. The interpretation of that light takes effort. The real work of Israel is to allow that light to shine.

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