Wednesday, November 23, 2011

“Personal Relationship” p: 59

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/23/11 Wednesday 25 Cheshvan 5772 

Page 59 – 2 lines from the end of the page (line starts: ”kol cheftzo...” )  

By hisbonenut/meditation the animal soul is lead to fundamental truth and he goes beyond this in a quest for essence – bechinat ha-atzmiut – the aspect of Essence.

The ha-arah/reflection is valuable but known through personal experience – 'it makes life meaningful'. The animal soul goes further and realizes that this is 'missing the point' – from a worldly perspective this is fundamental, but it is lacking a truth that is independent of world – this is called bechinat ha-atzmiut.

This is the level of 'Him Himself' – this is like the host providing a fine meal, but the real element is the presence of the host. Inviting a guest to the table is rooted in 'personal relationship' that is independent of the interaction or the meal. The hospitality and meal express the original reality of personal relationship

There is nothing expressed that captures the relationship. The relationship remains pristine. Some deeds symbolize it. This is the real sense of reality.

Recognizing the light and life in the world is a G-dly topic, but it is on the level of, 'I relate to it because of its presence'. The level of Torah and mitzvoth is not based on my perception, but rather that 'it came from His mouth'. It is based on the relationship. We do Torah and Mitzvoth because it is our means of relating to the King. There is no 'feel' – there is just the reality.

The basis of the chayut/life that is experienced is the essence. What makes life, life? The essence. The animal soul is basically all about experience, thus to want essence is against its nature, but at some point the mind of the animal soul says, 'hey, go for the real thing, go for the essence, not your experience!'

What is life in our physical world? The physical body is surface deep and completely vulnerable – what makes it something? The life that is in it. An element that has a lasting quality. Light and life have lasting quality relative to a body. But the light and life are also an emanation and thus not eternal. Relative to the body they are essential. But they are just an emanation that can be retracted. They are based on something more fundamental – the real Essence.

Knowing Hashem is not taxing at all. It is reality to reality.

And the animal soul, by means of its refinement and hisbonenut/meditation realizes there is a reality beyond the facade. It goes beyond its own experience.

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