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“Reality Does Not Revolve Around Your Experience” p: 60

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/24/11 ThursdayNight 27 Cheshvan 5772  
Page 60 – 2 lines from the top of the page (line starts: ”hanefesh habahamit...” ) See link (top right) for link to all pages of the text.

We got to the point of recognizing the ultimate birur of the  animal soul. That is will acknowledge that what is worth pursuit is not a reflection of G-dliness, but the element of Essence. He goes beyond his personal experience. He has no spiritual high. It is beyond revelations.

The means by which we can recognize essence in this world is by means of Torah and Mitzvot – meaning the animal soul leave its natural desire of seeking self-satisfaction. It is to affect this refinement of the animal soul, that the G-dly soul descends into the world and a body.

The Rebbe points out that the animal soul gets to a point of saying, 'I should be wanting something really true' even though thereby he gives up experience and personal pleasure. This is seeking the truth rather than seeking to serve G-d, which is a level exclusive to the G-dly soul.

A person may want G-dly revelations, but all that is based on the experience of the soul. Its presence is noted because, 'it makes be feel good!' and the real way to recognize G-dliness is through nullification if his own yeshut and chumriut/physicality.

The animal soul is the 'lowest level' and he allows G-d 'to enter' and thus there is a a 'dwelling place here below'.

The G-dly soul came down into a body to rectify the animal soul and to draw G-dliness down into the world...! To make a dwelling place for Him in the lowest worlds...! 

To rectify the animal soul means that it has been raised to the level of sensitivity that it can relate to human mind and G-dliness. Before this process it is aware solely of things that touch it... causing it pain or pleasure... But there is a reality and it does not revolve around your experience. It is a reality that comes from G-dliness. This natural state of the animal soul... reduces it to insignificance... it is into itself! 

The idea is not just to nullify the animal soul but to perfect it – to raise it's level of perception. Till it says, 'yes, real truth exists'.
The animal soul is real. It has a truth. It requires perfection. It is not removed as an obstacle it is raised to a new level, till it is a dwelling place for Him. 

As a result of this rectifiction is the realization of the goal of 'a dwelling place for Him' / 'dirah be tachtonim'.

What is the fulfulment of 'a dwelling place for Him' / 'dirah be tachtonim'? That Essence comes here below. Not just that this world becomes a good pleasant place...! 

What is 'a dwelling place for Him' / 'dirah be tachtonim'? That essence is here, because without essence it doesn't have a reality. Without His presence, watcha got?!

Dirah/dwelling place is a living place for essence. It is beyond the functional level. This is a human quality.

The human being was placed into the word to rule it... every last corner in a man's home is his and is him. It belongs to him. This is not comparative ('his and not of someone else) – it is his by G-dly decree. The reason for ownership is essence – a real presence, way beyond the level of functionality. 

What is the meaning of His Essence present here? This is not the level of revelations and function – this is not just harmony and pleasantness in the world – we will have light in the world not from a luminary but from an essential presence.

As long as the animal soul is preoccupied with its pleasure and pain, then it is not in the proximity of G-dliness. G-dliness is about primary truth and the animal soul is speaking of personal experience. 

We don't say, 'the table is not living' since table and life are not in the same realm. So too the difference between personal experience and G-dliness – they are not in the same framework.

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