Monday, November 7, 2011

“States of Mind” p: 58

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/7/11 Monday 10 Cheshvan 5772  

Page 58 – about a third from the top of the page (line starts: ”mibchinat...” )
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Since we are talking about essence (atzmus ein sof) which is beyond the realm of revealed and concealed, nothing can be revealed. It has no element that relates to revelation or concealment.

There is no way to find any sense for, 'why from essence should come the light and the creation'. This is pure truth without ramifications or ingredients. 

There are levels of holiness. In sechel there is a process. Ratzon is not involved in process and justification. So in that aspect is it kadosh/holy since it is removed from the process. Essence is not holy and removed in contrast to something, but holy in essence. Essence/atzmus is not involved in the hishtalshalus/download element.

There is an element of Essence in the creation. Everything has its place. This has to do with an essential truth in everything, each thing has it's infinite presence that is not part of the structure – essence is reflected in physicality.

The essence of chochmah is above hishtalshalut. Chochmah is the beginning of sechel/mind. Chochmah is below the ratzon/will. But in a certain way chochmah is superior to ratzon. There are different levels of sechel. G-dly sechel is above animal and human mind. Sechel bahamit / animal mind is not really sechel – it is the ability to navigate in a physical world, where reality is brought to one by the world. Human sechel is higher than animal mind. It defines how a human being is supposed to behave. It is beyond the physical reality. The human imposes it on the world. A human being eats with a knife and fork at a table and not lowering his face into the food. There is not a physical element that is the basis of this. It is the human element.

Then there is sechel eloki / G-dly mind, where the entire reality is based on the sechel perception. If the sechel is limited to interpretation and the seder hishtalshalus / the created world, then it cannot be self sustaining. Sechel eloki / G-dly mind has a primary reality.

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