Tuesday, November 22, 2011

“When Nothing Remains” p: 59

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/22/11 Tuesday 24 Cheshvan 5772 

Page 59 – about 4 lines from the end of the page (line starts: ”makom acher...” )  

As a result of the hisbonenut/meditation process it brings one's consciousness to the underlying life that is in the sechel/mind/concept. And there, there is attachment to the Elokus/G-dliness that is behind it.

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This is the G-dliness that is contained in and comes through Torah and Mitzvot. Israel is a 'nation close to Him' and hence they experience the essence.

The animal souls understands that it too should desire essence. The process described above explains how the animal soul can make progress. He gets to the level of desiring 'pure reality' – this is a profound transformation.

This results in bitul/nullification – refinement - and he is drawn away from the affairs of this world that he has been experiencing first hand. He goes to a level beyond his experience towards the truth itself.

One may say that for the animal soul to come close to G-dliness is an anomaly. G-dliness is beyond 'spirituality'/ruchniut. But the refinement of the animal soul means that it can move away from experience towards consciousness. G-dliness precedes all creation and is never perceived.

The animal soul starts with a physical orientation. G-dliness required the animal soul to be in a state of bitul – devoid of personal experience. It is cognizance of 'that is the truth. And I relate to it by disregarding my metziut.'

How, by bitul, does one become aware of Elokus? It is a deep cognizance, that can be explained thus: at the outset the animal soul is only aware of itself, but then it realizes this is an external level of reality and the idea of, 'personal benefit/effect' only hinders the quest for truth. So take away this aspect and the world still exists, and so he knows there is truth that is independent of its effect on him.

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