Monday, December 5, 2011

“Connected Above” p: 60-1

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Monday 9 Kislev 5772  

Page 60 – 2 lines from the end of the page (inside the line at: ”ve ha koach...” ) See link (top right) for link to all pages of the text.

We concluded that Torah and Mitzvot are the means by which Essence is brought down to the world - they have the element if kfiah / subjugation. They are something which is superimposed on the animal soul. The mitvah comes from the Commander.

Within Torah and Mitzvot the negative commandments contain a wider range of kfiah – there is no specificity.

The G-dly soul guides the animal soul to the extent that it desires Elokus. This ability to influence is unique to the G-dly soul.

This is because it is essentially separated from the world and the creation process.

The G-dly soul is dressed in the body, but this does not endanger it. It is not influenced by its environment. The soul is rooted in atzmus (mushrashim be-atzmus). They are rooted there and they remain connected there.

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