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“Recognition Beyond Understanding” p: 60

AyinBase with R' Paltiel ThursdayNight 5 Kislev 5772 

Page 60 – about the lower third of the page (line starts: ”lehamshicho...” ) See link (top right) for link to all pages of the text.

We are talking abut the power and pleasure of seeing negativity eliminated, even though one was involved with the essential truth of his soul, yet the conquest of the negative is something that does reach him.

Winning the lottery is a fictitious elation. It is a means to an end. It lacks intrinsic value. Land has value and only one with a sense of reality can appreciate the value of a home.

Oneg/pleasure is a G-dly gift in our soul. It is not a means to an end. It is a reality in and of itself.  

So when one is in the romemus nafsho / the glory of his soul, he has the whole world right there. So presenting him with any pleasure and confirmation does not touch him. Usually one values positive input, but here he's beyond that. He needs no endorsement.

Yet the negative can reach him. This negative touches him more deeply than the positive.

Anything presented in a positive way, even if deep, has a substance and a reason. So when one sees truth itself, substantiation doesn't touch him. But the negative has a different reach.

He's at a level when there cannot be opposition, so when the animal soul submits, without even knowing why – a recognition beyond understanding – then this arouses him.

Negativity reaches deeper. There are 2 elements in truth. 1. truth on an expressed level and 2. truth that is irrefutable – it is impossible to be otherwise. The Rambam says there's a first Being that is the basis of all. This is logical. If there are creations there must be a Creator. But this is an indirect apprehension. I know of Him by the secondary creations. And if we know Him this way then the meal is more important than the Host.

The animal soul reaches a level of saying, 'secondary knowledge is not enough, I want Him Himself'. This is so novel. And even more novel because the animal soul is not capable of direct knowledge.

This nullifies the grossness of the world. The world acquires a degree of bitul and refinement.

The animal soul's nullification is the invitation to the King. You can come and live here...  

The animal soul nullifies it's own inclination, where it says, 'who cares about You anyway..'

The prior state bothers the King. Why does He care? Not on a personal basis. But because it brings an element of falsehood into existence.

There is an element of knowing the Primary Being directly.

How do I know Primary Being on the primary level?! We are perplexed. That is because we think with the 'animal soul' mind. In truth the soul has cognizance of the Primary Being directly not through metziut/physicality.

Knowing the Primary through the secondary is knowing Him through the world. The 'G-dly soul' relates to the Creator directly. Its basis is Elokus/G-dliness.

Therefore He wants that His truth to be absolutely revealed. If the absoluteness is not throughout then it is not primary. He wants (for the sake of His creation) that His truth is revealed throughout.

The absoluteness reveals primacy. A man owns a home and if someone intrudes an inch then this compromises the absoluteness. Klipa denies the absoluteness of Elokus.

The Zohar says, 'when the other side is subdued, then the glory of Holy One is revealed'.

The Zohar says, on the verse in Kohelet/Ecclesiastes, 'I came to see the supremacy of wisdom over folly, like light over darkness' – that there is a benefit coming to the light from the darkness'.

By sifting through the darkness, the super quality of the light is revealed. That it draws down the element of essence/atzmus. This is knowing Him directly.

The host at the meal cannot be defined in any functional/productive manner. He's not the beauty, the meal or the light – he is everything.  

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