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Review Notes Tues 12.8.11 (p.61 top)

Below are notes from Yehudah, reviewing a calass from the week before last. 

Tues 12.8.11 (p.61 top)   

We are talking about how the neshama is capable of being mislabesh in the nefesh ha behamis (N”B) and to perfect it and bring it to completion (nisakein). 

First the N”B should recognize the life-element embedded in the gashmious.  Then, he ultimately reaches point that he knows he should really seek atzmus.  That is the effect of the nefesh Elokis (N”E), which experiences G-dliness in such a way that the N’B also reacts to it.  This results from hislabshus.

How can such a supreme inyan as the neshama relate to a physical goof and N’B?  The neshama is a koach ruchni elyon.  It seeks a G-dly reality that is not based on form. 

The neshama cannot accomplish its birur and tikun of the N’B through a hislabshus in a way of hishtalshalus.  In hishtalshalus, each inyan recognizes and relates to the other; otherwise there would be no effect.  A and B must be comparable (b’erech).  Not only is it practical that they be comparable, but this is the only way conceivable of doing it.  

Example #1 of the principle of hishtalshalus:  the ability to move a cup is not in the hand, its in the koach that’s mislabesh in the hand.  But the koach would not be able to move the cup without being dressed in the hand.  Hand is on the same level as the cup; both are gashmi.  They relate to each other on a gashmi level.  The relationship occurs at a point where the life force has concealed and contained itself until it is one inyan – it allows the hand to move.

Example #2: a person contemplates a table, then he makes a schematic, then acquires the materials, however it is put together by hand.  This is a devolvement of a human concept (table).  To actualize it it must descend from rung to rung.  Each level is drawn from the previous.  The schematic is drawn from the concept in the person’s mind.  The amount of materials is determined from the schematic.  To bring it into fruition you must use your hands.  The reason he feels comfortable when he sits down at the finished table is because the table is in conformity with his essence.  It was conceived there.  There is a perfect conformity from top to bottom, because there is this gradual descent. 

A level of the neshama that is b’erech to the goof would not effect a bittel of the N’B.  Just as the koach of movement that is dressed in the hand only causes the hand to do what a hand can do, it doesn’t cause bittel.  The hand doesn’t become wise. 

The effect of the N’E on the N’B to cause bittel is like the effect of the host on the guest’s meal.  The host eats the meal with the guest.  If the host leaves, then the entire reality of the meal disappears.  When the host is there then the value of the food and its taste is buttel. 

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