Thursday, December 8, 2011

“Totally Beyond It” p: 61

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Thursday 12 Kislev 5772 

Page 61 at 7th line of the page (line starts: ”habitul...” ) See link (top right) for link to all pages of the text.

For the animal soul to become sensitive to G-dliness, then the involvement of the G-dly soul has to be of an unparalleled type.

The animal soul relates to world. But it is a human animal soul so it asks of the world, 'what makes it be? Where does the world come from?' The answer given to it, 'G-d creates it' lets it say, 'that makes sense', but it doesn't give it a sense of bitul and refinement.

To affect the animal soul, the involvement has to be of a higher order.

The G-dly soul is an essence and this is how it affects the animal soul.

How does the animal soul get to a level of wanting the truth? This is affected by the G-dly soul. It is not a discussion. It is affected by the presence of the G-dly soul.

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