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“What is life? Why does Infinity Desire a Lamb?” p: 64

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Sunday 29 Kislev 5772  

Page 64 – at end of 2nd line from the top of the page (line starts, 'hamehus...')
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How is essence the same and different a different levels?

Atik is truth itself and it comes into chochmah, but at that level it is different from how it is in in oneg itself. Similarly in chochmah itself cannot be translated in to physical halachos, but when it is translated into malchus, then it does become translated into halachos themselves.

Chochmah is the principle of life. The presence of chochmah is what gives life. What is life? Life is an essential reality, contrary to what is said about it (that is is response to stimulus) . Life is self contained. It is a soul issue. There are not parts or elements – it is smooth.

Chochmah is dressed in malchus (the lowest sphirah) of briah.

The presence of the king is not due to his knowledge. He represents the essence of the nation. This is the dressing of chochmah in malchus. When in chochmah it is completely remote. When it comes to malchus, the king can give directives that pertain to the physical world, though he is essentially completely removed.

A sacrifice at the temple must be whole. A small blemish disqualifies it from being brought to the alter. Why is perfection needed? Not because the entity has to be perfect. It is a sacrifice to G-d and when it comes to Him, perfection is not based on lack of damage, but rather reflecting, 'something that cannot be damaged'.

So from the perspective of malchus there has to be this level of wholeness. You have to reflect the pnimius atzmus einsof in malchus. The sacrifice is something that reflects the wholeness of Him, but we can see how it is different from, and the same as the perfection of einsof.

We have to know that the cycle of the moon and sun is so perfect, but not due to nature – nature is not perfect. Perfection is reflective of something being a G-dly creation. The human body is perfectly built to receive the human soul, which is completely beyond body. Because the body is built for the soul, thus there is the concept of perfection of the human body. Not because from the perspective of physicality it is significant. But from the view of the soul. And this is true of every entity in the world – that there is a G-dly spark that is creating it.

Atzmus is truth itself, but yet it can vary in different places. At the giving of Torah there was universal health – everyone reached their perfection – because they were completely butul to their G-dly source.

You conceive of a table. But to have it, you need to physicality build it.  

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