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“Alone in His Chambers” p: 66

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Wednesday 16 Tevet 5772 

Page 66 – about a third from top of the page (line starts, 'kuli...')
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We are still trying to identify the supreme effect of the 'kisses' which is a reflection of a very high level – but not an essence. So what does it/will it provide to the real essence of the soul that will be revealed in the time to come?!

The lower union, is a physical union – essence to essence – body to body. The higher union is kisses – a spiritual union. The higher union finds expression on the level of the lower union.

The reflection of the kisses results in the spreading of the mehus/essence of the higher/spiritual level. 

Just as kisses are initially in av'a (chochmah and binah) and they result that this super-level is spread also to the lower physical level.

Zivug ruchni is mind. Zivug gufni is midot/emotions. These 2 don't relate to each other per se. so if there is any flow from the spiritual level to the lower level then it elicits from the higher level the 'very essence'.

We see something at a distance. It is real to us. This is because it occupies space and space is a primary existence to us. Sight here is like the origin of chochmah – you cannot close your eyes to it. This is like the kisses – this is like the force behind the love. So though we see it at a distance. It is real. The essence of the kisses is revealed by coming to the lower level. This is like sechel being rooted in hi-uli ha-atzmi.

This is a special effect. Not just on the level of reflection, but on the level of mahus/essence.

This is like elevation that will be affected in the time to come when malchus will be mashpia over all the other sphirot. This is like the way the king can be alone in his chambers but his presence is everywhere and thus everything assumes a different significance – everything becomes real. 

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