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“Blown into You” p: 69

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Tuesday 7 Shvat 5772 
Page 69– 5th line from the top of the page (line starts, 'hi be-ofen...') 
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We will review; we presented the principles of choice/bechirah. It is a paradoxical/illogical phenomenon. It does not occur by means of a process. Choice comes due to the essence, and the essence is devoid of any coercion, and unaffected by anything, yet there is a choice – an exclusive choice.

To explore further; to focus at this level of choice, we have to refine our thinking to the utmost – our thinking is a process and we can relate fully to phenomenon that has a 'beginning, middle and end'. Thought is regarded as a levush/garment – it is not united with the soul, it is at the level of activity, and needs the 'yes and no qualities' of activity. This is why it is a challenge to us to think about 'what a nefesh/soul is', because thought does not relate to what is 'inherent'.

To rise above thought and get to the benefit of pure sechel we need to look at the Rambam's declaration, 'all is based on the First Being', who is prior to our thoughts. He is an essential reality. Our thoughts relate to Him, but cannot grasp Him. So choice/bechirah cannot be well explained in thought, and thus one needs to rise above the limits of our thinking. 'I know it because I know it' is above thought and pure sechel can relate to this.

Your nefesh/soul was blown into you. It does not exist on its own. It is the active representation of His presence. His blowing, also indicates that there is no interuption or obstacles. Ther reality of soul is not its experiences but the Blower. The experience of life also carries that element. This is like breathing – it is given to you. It is not your doing – it is given to you. The breathing is a metaphor/mashal for the soul. Realization of this pure level – and real Presence, means we can focus on bechirah/choice.

Bechirah/choice in this context is His wanting His inner will and pleasure. This follows from what was said above – there is nothing compelling yet it can only be one way! What can only be one way? His inner will and pleasure.
There are no alternatives. This inner will and pleasure exists by choice – He can be with it or without it.

There's a First Being. What does this mean? He is there because He is there – not because something makes him be. Why is he there? Because He is the primary being. He is primary. He is there for no reason. All else is caused by Him. Nothing causes Him. He defies all parameters we attribute to existence. We go into this not because we can grasp it

the point is for us to, for a moment, rise above our sechel/knowledge. And once you have a glimpse of this you have the invulnerable element in the person. That is the spark that carries us from the beginning till now.

Just as with a human being there is his space that he occupies and there is his presence – these 2 are interdependent. The space is the external level of the presence of the host. They go together. The space is the tangible and the host is the intangible aspect. So too above. The inner and outer are both infinite. Because He is endless. Where he is space is automatically present. This is the bechirah/choice – inner or outer space?

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