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“The Depth is Significant” p: 66

AyinBase with R' Paltiel ThursdayNight 17 Tevet 5772  

Page 66 – last quarter of the page (line starts, 'bchinat hagilui...')
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We're talking of the shoresh/root. A subtle deep root to malchus/sovereignty that comes to surface only at certain moments.

A human being has all the sphirot, all the way down to malchus. The root of this is very deep.

An example of malchus – I have a cup that has a function, an important function. I put down the cup. This is on the functional/active state. Then there is a subtle element – if I put the cup down I know it will stay there. There's a certain respect. Functionally we hardly notice it, but at essence it is of great significance. Without that it is an animal. An animal also has a turf and a group. 
The earth represents malchus. Imagine if things floated in the air. It would be a different environment – it would be no reality.

We function on the surface, but the depth is extremely significant and felt throughout the structure.

Despite the fact that there will be revelation of malchus, nevertheless there is still the topic of union and za being the master of malchus. In essence malchus is hidden.

The wise man says, 'I chose the king', and there's a level of 'stupidity' since, 'what's he going to do for you?!' but it's wise since the king is the reality. An example of this is if you are invited to a meal and the host leave you're 'left hanging'!

Malchus represents essence – the reality.

This is very deep. But you are aware of it all the time! For example you put your cup down and you know that the cup will stay there. I put the cup down and it stays there, because there is malchus all over and hence the malchus of each person is recognized.

Malchus is the lowest sphirah. Is this not an insult to the king? The highest can only express itself on the lowest – it cannot express itself on the intermediate levels.

Malchus is essentially hidden. Without za there is no manifestation of what malchus is. Za is sechel and midot – all the sphirot outside of malchus.

We are actually trying to describe a full-fledged reality. Not just a sequence of events. Not just a structure. A human being is alive. The heart pumps the blood. But that does not tell you the whole story. The brain tells the heart to pump. Is the brain or the heart the source of life? The human being in total is one complete entity. And only G-d can make a perfect whole. Make something in an instant.

Rabbi said, 'we had a guest in the house. He was born retarded, but he says he broke through, the was technically very smart, he was a mathematician, he though very methodically. The concept of ownership made no sense to him, he lacked a dynamic sense of things. The human experience'.

Another illustration, 'a man argued that there is no difference between an adopted child and a biological child – he said, “what's the big deal, it's just an act!”

The 'kisses' mean you can actually experience essence, rather than 'just have it'.  

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