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“The Empty Room; The Nation and Traffic Control” p: 66

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Thursday 17 Tevet 5772 

Page 66 – about the middle of the page (line starts, 'gufni...')
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What we have come to is that when 'kisses' is drawn down into Za then along with this reflection is downloaded the mehus/essence of the higher level.

This can be understood by the principle that in the time to come, malchus (the lowest sphirah) will rise up above all the others. On that day 'living waters will come from Jerusalem'. The meaning is that the root of malchus is above the other 9 sphirot. Including chochmah!

This is also the principle of 'the stone that the builders have rejected will become the head corner stone' -psalms. Thus malchus will be above all the other sphirot and be mashpia/mentor for all of them.

Nevertheless, even though malchus will rise up, there will still be a union of za and malchus. As it says, 'the wife (malchus) will be the crown of her husband'. If malchus is above the others, yet what will be the meaning of the union of za and malchus if malchus will be the mashpia? What mentorship malchus receiving?

The mentorship of malchus is not by union. It is by means of ateres – crown.

gilui/revealed and helem/hidden; we experience walking into a room and we can't estimate the size. When it is empty it seems small. Why? Behind this is the principle of gilui/revealed and helem/hidden. Looking at the empty room, it does not speak of what it can accommodate.

Gilui means revelation/expression. By putting a piece of furniture into the room then it opens up and declares its functionality.

There is no cognizance till it is expressed.

This revelation/gilui, though it has an object of revelation, there is a particular advantage in the act of revealing itself. The intent of creation is revelation not helem. Deed is the ultimate level of revelation.

Malchus is above all the sphirot and represents essence.

Malchus is created by means of all the other faculties. The normal perception is 'I need a table where I can put my car keys and coffee mug..' This is basing things on functionality. Wanting your cup to be in its place is malchus – 'without my presence it is still present' and this is how the world perceives the concept of ownership. We say He made the world and gave it to human beings.

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