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“He Sees and Knows What he Sees” p: 65

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Monday 7 Tevet 5772  

Page 65 – at the 8th line of the page (line starts, 'bedibur hamskil...')
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We have been looking at why the souls of Israel (that have essential connection) are requesting “kisses of his mouth” which are more external connection.

Chochmah is like sight and there in sight, there too are levels of revelation even though it seems to be an instantaneous faculty. The levels depend on the extent to which the multiplicity is realized. 'It makes sense and I can reltate to it...' is already the external level of sight that feeds into binah.

This is true in the 'mind's eye', not the physical eye. But prophesy is a deeper level – it is like the sight of the eye. The prophesy is engraved in the prophet's mind. It is on par with physical sight.

The physical eye, 'sees it because it is visible'. The mind's eye by contrast is reached by rising up trough the sechel/mind. Prophesy is not a mind/sechel process. But a direct sighting. But still it has to be said that if the prophet is a great sage/chacham enables the refinement of his keilim/vessels. This is like 'better eyesight' – he has greater acuity and clarity – not that he applies his sagacity to what he sees.

Then the formation and engraving of the vision is with greater revelation.

Sight leaves no doubt as to what one saw. Sechel is a result of a process and fraught with doubt. Sight by contrast is going straight to the reality. But the degree of clarity can vary, thus when you has a combination of chochmah and nevuah that affects the prophesy – his vessels had been refined.

As a result of the elevation by chochmah/kisses then the revelation of a mehus from a higher level is enabled. Nevuah/prophesy seems superior to chochmah/wisdom but it is only found with a chacham/sage. Why the correlation? Why does prophesy come only to the sage? At a certain point the prophesy was taken from the sages and placed on the children – but this is not real prophesy. The real prophet sees and knows what he sees.

A greater sage is more able to grasp what the prophesy is talking about...

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