Friday, January 27, 2012

“Mah Anu?” p: 69

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Friday 3 Shvat 5772  

Page 68– last 3 lines of the page (line starts, 'bebano...')
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There is a host, a constant presence, to use our metaphor. He is here. This is what the Rambam is saying, “the foundation is to know that there is a First Being...” 

A difficulty in our days – a profound suffering, not to know who his father is, 'how come am I here?' if he becomes a ger/convert, then he can know, 'I was created today'.

In this world people are never satisfied with their possessions since they are wanting to express dominion over others so they are never satisfied. In reality sitting in possessions of you dalet ammos, you are a King – it is not comparitive or circumstantial.

The relationship between father and son is on both the level of qualities (mind and emotion) and also on the level of essence. The son reflects the qualities, but there is a different dimension – 'he exists, and he exists'. He has independence – the son comes from a reality – father – and hence he is an independent reality. In Holiness, the submission/bitul leads to independence. Independence based on the reality of his being, not based on any accomplishments.

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