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“Soul Walking” p: 66

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Sunday 20 Tevet 5772 

Page 66 – 8 lines from the end of the page (line starts, 'gilui ha-atzmus...')
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We are looking at what will be the value of 'kisses' at the time to come when essence will be completely revealed.

Why are the souls asking for 'kisses of His mouth...'?

So far we have said that even though kisses are a reflection of a higher level, and here we have essence on a lower level. The reflection form a higher level, draws down the essence from a higher level. 

Another way to see the significance in the time to come when essence will be revealed, is that the kisses, will be the essential pleasure as it is contained an presents itself in the hidden essence of chochmah. 

Chochmah is an element that is like a bridge. It is in 2 world. On the one hand it is wisdom – the wisdom of the nefesh (not the practical wisdom of worldly experience). Chochmah deals with the absolute reality and truth. The nefesh contains kochot/faculties. The highest is chochmah. A koach/faculty is the ability to isolate a given function and translate it in a unique way for this faculty.

Take walking – we don't think of moving our legs in sequence, we think in terms of moving from one place to another. Why does he think it is possible to move? The tree doesn't think of transplanting itself! He thinks of movement because his sense of being in a place is not an isolated place, but as part of the infinity of space, and hence this place is so significant to him, because it is a piece of reality. He senses his connection to every place.

So the faculty of walking is based on the narrow identification of a very broad perception of the nefesh/soul. Walking is a physical translation of a soul view! 

The higher faculties; Chochmah is also a faculty. It identifies the fact that there is a living nefesh/soul. Soul is not life – it is part of Him. It is not even a creation, but then it becomes a creation and hence has faculties. Chochmah is the very source of all the soul faculties.

Essential pleasure is united with the soul. Essential wisdom/chochmah is an expression of the soul. The soul has chochmah for the same reason a person has feet. It is representative of an essential element of the person. When the essential pleasure is represented in the level of chochmah it is called 'kisses/neshikin' - knowing it not being it!

When do a need the faculty of walking? When in a physical world! Yet it is rooted in the nefesh! The nefesh/soul where it is in the highest level is able to come down into the lowly body and give expression. This is why we say there is a hidden essential wisdom/chochmah.

All our faculties are based on a subtle foundation of which we are unaware!

Torah is from chochmah – from essential chochmah. We are going to look at essence and how it is in the essential chochmah/wisdom: a person has a home. This is unique. He has a place that he owns. Every square inch belongs to the owner. No intrusion is tolerated. If he buys more land, his presence is there too, automatically! Whether the person owns a mansion of a hut, his size is unchanged. So how does he occupy a huge place? Let's leave that hanging...

The owner is everywhere, and it is by G-dly decree, and then there is an additional level, it is physical space into which many things can be placed. There is essential presence and then there is translation on a practical level ie the owner is 'everywhere' and yet ther is physical space into which things can be put without disturbing the owner. There is the essence of the person himself and then there is the practical translation – the space in which he lives. The 'owning' and the space itself are on two different levels. Ownership cannot be duplicated. Yet is has a functional level. The ownership of the home and the space of the home are so different, yet the space is a derivative of the ownership. This is a metaphor for the way chochmah is at the hidden and revealed levels... 

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