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“Come Inside” p: 70

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Monday 13 Shvat 5772  

Page 70 – 8 lines from the top of the page (line starts, 'shefach...')
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Yesterday we talked about the mashal/metaphor. We talked about a simcha/wedding feast. The point of the metaphor is the distinction between inner and exterior originates at the essential level. This is where it is fully identified, though on the surface the difference is less identifiable. The point of the celebration is to experience the intensity of the joy. But the way the celebration is held, it goes way beyond the central point – way beyond the inner circle... it incorporates 'without limit' including those that are 'distant'...

The joy extends beyond its nucleus.

We see this after the celebration. A moment of focus after the whole event – the joy returns to the nucleus and the inner circle.

This is all to say that inner and external are identifiable way back in their source.

This tell us something about the way things are above. Soul of Israel originate in the essence. And at that level were already identifiable with having the essential pleasure invested in them exclusively. The essential intent of the Essence is focused on them specifically.

And this is what He chooses to want. He is not compelled.

Pnimius/interior remains always connected to the essence. The exterior/chitzonius comes out into the world and has a quality and can be expressed as chessed that has a 'stand-alone' quality.

Why does essence come also with the external level? Wanting this and not that is already a limit, but there is no limit in essence. Why does the wedding feast also include those distant? This is because he does not want to impose a limit on his simcha/joy. Limit does not express the true nature of essence. In the time to come, after the birurim, the level of pnimi will incorporate the entire existence.

In truth He choses Isreal and His Torah and that is the complete reality because it is His inner desire. At the outset if it is revealed in contrast to something else and this is not the final reality. Later the external levels will be brought inside...

In thought things are not defined, 'I said to my self...' is already a clearly defined level.

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