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“Eat with the Host” p: 69

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Thursday 9 Shvat 5772 

Page 69 – lower third of the page (line starts, 've-ha-inyan hu...')
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The Rambam says that the soul knows that there is a First Being. This is the basis of sechel/mind. The soul communicates this to the body. The body of Israel has the subservience that it can receive this and know what is not bodily knowledge.

When Abraham (Avraham Avinu) was “doing his research” he was not looking to solve the mystery of the world, he was looking for, 'who am I supposed to serve' – 'there's a director/owner of this mansion'.  

The unique feature of the souls of Israel is that they are rooted in the interior of the Essence. The choice is due to the essence, not due to recognition of 'who they are' – their origin is the identification. The choice is due to Essence not the souls.

(Revealed torah is based on discussion and logic , but in Chassidus the means of learning is not by means of questions. Questions are only rhetorical, they don't beg answers. Questions are only for the sake of getting a handle on the answer. The reason is that this learning of the inner aspects of Torah, is an inner/pnimi learning. Binah is the level of discussing to get a handle on the chochmah. You are putting in perspective what you already know. This is the entire method of learning inner Torah.)

From an existential perspective, what is the difference between inner/pnimi and chitzoni/external? On metaphor we had was the principle of the host. You are a guest for dinner, and we agree that if the host leaves then the event is severely lacking. This cannot be defined. This has to do with an essential quality. The guest has his presence recognized when the host is presence. That is sensed only by the etzem/essence. Only the essence is united with the inner/pnimi perspective. On a practical level it is not recognized and the meal can be eaten without the host. The inner element has nothing to do with the activity itself, it has to do with, 'who you are'.

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