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“The Fringe of Revelation” p: 70

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Wednesday 15 Shvat 5772   

Page 70 – at about the middle of the page (line starts, 'hi belev...')
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Note: see Rabbi Groner tell a Tu B'Shvat story at the end of the video

We are talking of the fringe of revelation that comes are a result of the level of pnimi/internal.

What is internal/pnimius? And what is chitzonius/external? A king has a huge palace. What is it? Is the building and the rooms inner or outer? It is a chitzoni/external expression. The structure of the palace is based on the space it occupies – this is the way the presence of the king takes form on the outside. Pnimius/internal is something that would be exclusively representative of the king.

Anything that is composite is external.

Chitzoni/externality can devolve to a very low level.

Oneg/pleasure is internal and stays within. ratzon/will faces the outside and is an expression of 'what he want'.

This is an oversimplification. ratzon/will is on equal standing with oneg/pleasure with regards to the etzem/essence. This can be seen by the way that will can have power over pleasure. Both pleasure and will are very tightly connected to etzem/essence, but their natures are different.

If someone wants a big house, one could say it is for comfort, or for honor, or a means for entertainment... This is like saying, 'he wants it for 'outside reasons'. But though this is an external desire, for a house, there is an underlying reality with a different messaage. We said, the world is made with chesed/kindness. We usually think of chesed as kindness. But what is behind it? The root of this emotion is in the essence, like all other qualities, and the root of this kindness is the limitlessness and the lack of reason for restraint... Now on the level of the human being there is a level of this gedulah/greatness that he senses in his soul. He relates to greatness (and here we're not talking of a shallow 'show-off').

There is in the soul of man – he is a real presence in the world and he occupies an entire area. So there can be an external expression that is based on the will of the soul. Now he has a big house because of his inherent greatness.

When He said, 'I will build the world with chesed', this is a simple will that represents his greatness, and it is above chochmah/sechel/mind. It is simple and incorporates everything. The fact that this simple desire arose, without any particular intent, means that it can devolve all the way down to this lowly world.

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