Wednesday, February 15, 2012

“I'm not Here to be Here” p: 71

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Wednesday 22 Shvat 5772  

Page 71 – below the middle of the page (line starts, 'lemata...')
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Souls here below can distinguish between the inner/pnimi and external/chitzoni elements.

The souls of Israel are rooted in the inner and essential level.

The soul says, 'I'm a soldier, I was sent on a mission, I'm not here to be here, I don't have my own presence, I represent Him'. This type of presentation is seen in full only from a Rebbe. The rest of us relate to it once we're exposed to it. The Rebbe said, 'the worst of our yeshivah's are better than their best...' this is because for us there is no separate metziut/entity.

The emphasis in our chinuch/education is to follow through on the Rebbe's instruction. Other yeshivahs have the focus on shteig/strive and grow to become a lamden/scholar. One can strive mightily and not reveal anything of the essence of the soul.

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