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“Prior Cause” p: 70

I carried you on eagle's wings...

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Friday 17 Shvat 5772 

Page 70 – 8 lines from the end of the page (line starts, 'gum...')
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Send this: The real you is beyond expression

At Seagate Rabbi talked with a student encountering obstacles. The goal was to get a sense of, 'what the human being is'. We have three levels of creations. We have the sea creatures – suspended in their medium – in the water – in a constant state of rest. Weightless. Floating. Supported. The fish are part of the water according to halacha.

The animals on the land have to hold themselves up. They have an element of 'self'. They hold themselves by relating to the ground. Their stance is relative to the ground. This is what we call an ha-arah/reflection of the ground. Their stance is not independent.

The stance of a human being is independent. He does not stand relative to the ground. His feet touch the ground because he acts on earth, but he balances not against the ground, but against himself.

Functionally he needs gravity of earth, but he's independent at a physical and mental level.

He has an essential presence. It is behelem. He is contained within himself. A real human being is capable of being completely dedicated to divine service, rather than fitting into the world. The human beings to the wold that principle of reality.

The human being represents the pnimius. He has a focus.

Man stands independently, but he is a finite entity. What is his independence. It is based on his soul. And it is based on his recognition of the presence of Atzmus. This is like having the host at the table where you are a guest and this gives it reality.

We look into the sky, we see the infinity of space. We stand not due to space, but due to the G-dly reality. Our awareness is not of the space of world, but His inner presence.

The inner presence represents the hidden aspect that cannot be defined or grasped.

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