Monday, March 19, 2012

“He Spoke with You Face to Face” p: 66

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Monday 25 Adar II 5772  

Page 67 – just below the middle of the second paragraph of the page (line starts, 'de ein sof...') For text, see link top right of the blog. Or for text right click here.
The Exodus took place with signs and wonders and in each one there was the distinction between Israel and the Egyptians.

For Israel there was a special light, not just the absence of darkness, during the plague of darkness – this was part of the distinction and healing of Israel.

At the giving Torah this element of choice was in a great and revealed level.

He revealed Himself to them 'face to face' – 'He spoke with you face to face'.

'And the entire nation saw the sounds' – they see that which is usually heard – synesthesia. What is the implication? This means that normally this knowledge is only known by indicators and logical deductions, that is perception on the level of 'hearing', but here is was direct knowledge.

Each word 'had two forms/presences'. The word brought life to Israel and death to idolatry. Where essence is revealed, no place remains for anything else... The starting point of this selection was in Endless Essence / Atzmus Ein Sof.

Selection and choice is different. Selection does not have the aspect of relationship. Choice is, 'this one is for me and this is the one I am taking for me'. The world was not created inadvertently. He didn't just do it without intention. The world stands for a direct positive want/desire from Him. This is what gives the word the will to persists. Life is positive, not just the absence of suffering. And this is choice. It is beyond distinction. Choice/bechirah is 'this is what He wants'! Nothing was an 'afterthought'.   

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