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“Measure, Not Limit” p: 35

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel Tuesday 20 Tishrei 5774 

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Page 35 (לה)

At about a third from the top of the page – (line begins: 'ein sof...') For text, click: Here.

We are looking at how Torah is fully representative of essence itself and it also has a form... this is not a form that limits and defines, but rather it is how essence presents itself.

And this does not contradict what was said before, that, tshuvah is the real essesence and it is higher than Torah...

Torah speaks of tshuvah since it is rooted in essential delight (tynug atzmi), even though we say it has medidah/measure...

The measure here is not superimposed and is not indicative of limitation, yet still tshuvah would seem to be above that...

This is because tshuvah itself has a measure... it must be tshuvah specifically... and only through this return is there forgiveness.

This definition/measure is coming from the deepest element of essence.

And this inner level you may think is where, for Him, 'darkeness is like light' – seemingly beyond limit. But this is only the outer level of kesser/crown.

But at the level of the inner crown, there is medidah (measure/definition).

What kind of measure? The kind of measure that is expression rather than restriction.

After the tzimzum/contraction there remained vacant space (makom panui) and a vacuum (halal). They are very different. The empty space is made for a purpose – like the inside of this room – you and the furnishings are here since they belong here. Makom (place/space) is not 'vacancy' – it has the element of a supporting domain.

There is no place to say man evolved from monkeys. But in halal/vacuum you can say anything you want.

This is the difference between chitzoniut/external and pnimiut/inner.

When He decided to create the world it was not inadvertent, 'hey, why not?' - He did it with inner intent. The difference between 'intended' and 'inadvertent' is like day and night. Day brings out reality. Night conceals...

There is no 'emptiness' in our lives. There is always a context. That is the inner reality. He created the will to create the world since it has an inner significance, not an external demand. This is a super reality. And here nothing is inadvertent. Everything is intentional. And this is the meaning that there has to be tshuvah specifically. He has to belong here. The tshuvah does not create the possibility of forgiveness, but it makes it real!

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