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“Not Because Mommy Wants It” p:40 - 41

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel Monday 24 Cheshvan 5774

Page 40 (מ)

At 2 lines from the end of the page – (line begins: 'ha-etzem...') For text, click: Here.

The influence of sechel/mind works with the method of tzimzum/limitation. The master limits his mind to provide influence on the student that is limited to the student's ability to grasp what is being taught.

Similarly, the sun itself. That which emanates as light, is suited to the world and is not the unlimited essence of the sun.

The presence of the sun also has a ha-arah, and that is reflected by the sun creating 'day', and transforming the world. This is reflective of the sun's essence.

So too the home. Your home has your presence in every corner of the home – in the dining room and in the basement equally. This is indicative of the essence of the human being. God gave him that kind of presence in the world. A fundamental presence. Thus that presence has no bounds.

Tzimzumis in effect, where the essence does not want to be present, but to rather effect a certain function.

The body allows the presence of the soul to be recognized. This is the refining of the heart and body. And the more refined it is the more the life of the soul is felt...

There is a pro-active decision by the soul to give expression via the creation of certain faculties... the soul that the will to focus and reduce itself to be of influence on a level lower than it.

The will (ratzon) is imperative. It defines the faculties. Where does it come from? We explained the expression, 'everthing wants its actualization' (as opposed to wanting to survive). Each thing wants to be what God has made it – this is his reality. This helps us understand ratzon/will. We know the world is limitless. When we function in the world, in what framework do we work? We work in defined space that we can relate to. This is not a lie. It is the part of the world we can relate to, without saying the distant cosmos does not exist.

Ratzon is a surrounding faculty. It represents the unlimited truth of the soul, but it presents it in a finite manner. It gives a finite platform.

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