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“Be With Me” p:42

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel ThursdayNight 4 Kislev 5774 
Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa

Page 42 (מב)

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Everything that is high has to have low vessels to descend. And physicality is the lowest vessel.

Vessels and their light are always of a completely different levels... a vessel is the means by which you can grasp something in the world that is unworldly.

The classic example of vessel and light is body and soul. Does the body appreciate life? It has sensitivity, but it is all soul. All sensitivity is in the brain which is pure nefesh/soul. There are rare cases where the body became so purified that it was like the soul. The classic case of this is Eliyahu the Navi (prophet) – he went to heaven with his body!

In sechel/mind, we distracted by the vessel, which is the logic. We must sense the light behind it, which never becomes 'vessel'.

We say the higher the light, the lower it descends... like we said this morning, the ox, is one of the three animals that can can come up on the alter, but up above it is below the level of the lion. And in this world the lion is fierce and not kosher.

The ox is comfortable in the world. It is peaceful and eats grass. The lion by contrast can't relate to the physical world – he's ready to tear things apart... 

The way the lion is manifest in this physical world is not just due to the seder hishtalshalus (orderly download) it is also due to a shvirah and nefilah (break and fall). This can be seen in a human being who has reached a very lowly and depraved level, and has undergone a spiritual break... it is more than just slipping, it is the turning to seek impurity that he can lose his human stature. This is the state of addiction. He finds his life to the substance.

So too in the faculties of the soul, in sight and hearing... the sight is above hearing... much higher, yet hearing relates to sound which is spiritual, and sight relates to physicality!

And within the faculty of sight, the eye ball has different parts, and the black pupil is fundamental – ie the lowest level...

The angels asked for Torah and it was not given to them. They don't have a physical element... nor a evil inclination. But what about giving them the spiritual Torah? The answer is that Torah can only come down via physical decrees... true Torah is only revealed by confronting and breaking through the evil inclination. This is the only way to get the true supremacy of the light – to draw it out of darkness...

If not for man's conception of God, he could not live in the world for one moment... living is dwelling with chochmah and Torah... he is independent of worldliness... he sees in the world something beyond world. The greatest gift of birth is the 'will to live' – the recognition of the reality of life.

What is so real? Thinks of a guest at a host's table. The real significance is not the dinner, but the statement of 'be with me', made by the host.

The human being is walking in the reality of the Creator and not wondering around on dirt and stones. This is what halacha means – a royal truth in the world, not just a functional truth...

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