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“Chocolate, Icecream and Life Itself” p:47

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel ThursdayNight 23 Tevet 5774

Page 47

At about 8th line from the end of the page – (line begins: "ha hishtalshalus...”) For text, click: Here.

What does it mean that the kavanah/intention stays with the source?

Think of creation coming from infinity.

There is nothing that elicits this revelation.

There is no gain to be had, and it does not forestall any kind of a loss. So why is there the beginning of revelation? The answer is very profound and beyond articulation. Think of a rock. It suggests essence. But it is the furthest thing from essence. Essence is real life and due to it's depth of truth revelation comes about.

This is beyond our understanding.

God gave man a certain mandate. This indicates an essential quality.

This quality cannot be defined. In an essence there is no reason why something occurs. It is based on truth or true will. This will can be seen in several stages. One level is representing the truth of the essence. The second level is where there is identification of a separate will.

This intention is the real essence. It cannot be separated from the essence. 

The will that emanates from the essence, is in a sense a separate creation.

In a human being, although on a practical level all his actions can be explained on an external level (and some say all man's actions are self serving), in actuality he has real life.

Although it is possible to be that cynical, and to say all human activity is circumstantial, we do not agree at all. We say that there is real life in a human being.

The human being has an infinite sense of the value of life. This is evident in many instances. Right up to the last breath, life is precious. Not due to any experience, but due to the reality of life. This is the meaning of kavanah – that which is representative of the truth of the human being and his infinite depth and truth.

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