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“Reflection & Essence” p:48

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel Sunday 26 Tevet 5774 

Page 48

At 1st line from the top of the page – (line begins: "ha-arah...”) For text, click: Here.

At the end of page 47 we saw how the Godly reflection can reach a level where it opposes Godliness – opposes its own reality. This is not the result of normal hishtalshalus (process of creation). Rather, there is a deeper concealment that can result in the rise of the sitrah achrah (the other side).

World is by definition, 'tangibility'. Sight is beyond touch. This is a certain element of the Godly reflection. The other side says, 'I am not even interested in the light that the garments contain. I just want the garment'.

The garment is not a reflection. It contains a Godly reflection.

We see beyond the garment. This is how mind/sechel sees...

The other side intentionally denies that there is any spiritual content.

Sechel/mind is not a tangible or physical entity. It is spiritual. It is beyond thought. When something is explained, the words are only the garments. You look for the light and truth that they present. You listen beyond the words.

It is a soul faculty, not a body faculty. If you want to 'wrap your brain around an idea', you are thinking with the physical brain, rather than the soul.

We need to focus on the sechel not the brain.

The secular world defines the human being from a 'garment' perspective.

We are looking at how all that is seen in the world is just a ha-arah / a reflection. And as 'proof' we saw that this reflection can be so reduced that it can become 'the other side'.

This enclothment that conceals and hides the Godly light so thoroughly, so that the 'other side' can gain existence, is possible only because it is just a reflection/ha-arah.

Because it is just a reflection, it can be grasped by the 'clothing' to the extend that the 'element of good and bad' can result. This 'element of good and bad' means that good exist in contrast to bad. In Godliness there is no 'good and bad'.

Only a ha-arah/reflection can be completely sunk into a worldly context, to the extent that the Godly perspective is completely lost...

But all this described above is not applicable to the inner light, or the essence.

This kind of light cannot be dressed in garments.

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