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“Full Perfection” p:62 - 63

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel 

Friday 1 Sivan, 5774

Page 62

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At the level of essence there are no 'red lights'. In our prayer we mention the ways that essence is present here below...

Essence negates the possibility of any negativity. In our terms it is perfection to the highest degree. Complete abundance. And your ratzon/will is on this level, and thus you are there. Fulfillment is instantaneous.

We make vessels, and He fills them.

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“Ever Present; Stand Witness” p:62

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel 

ThursdayNight 29 Iyar, 5774

Page 62

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This final paragraph is a summary of the discourse. Abraham was the first Jew. In contrast to angels he is able to transform the worldly levels and perceptions of the animal soul into Godliness.

This ability is due to his soul. The essence of his soul. He's able to raise up the animal soul for its native emotions and mind/sechel.

Essence and the essence of the soul is always present. That is what brings everything into being. But, all the great features of the soul are concealed in various functioning qualities – so you land up seeing mind and emotions...

In every human quality is hidden the human soul, with the Godly soul behind it.

So the essence is ever present. But not recognized. It seems to be something else. By working with the animal soul, the essence of the soul is revealed.

Why does 'appearance' bear witness to a supreme reality? Why do appearances matter so much? During shmonei esrei prayer you should 'look like you are standing in front of a king'. If your mind is elsewhere is this not just pretense? Think of a home. It has a reality that only a human being can relate to – beyond any functional element.

So we cannot create a table by our desire. But God can do it by spirit. And since we relate to Him, if there is the spirit of a wall there is a wall. So too with prayer we make a vessel (our stance) that alludes to the spirit... When we stand we are confirming the truth, that is there because it is true.

The two souls are in battle. In combat there is a halacha to surround an enemy on 3, not 4 sides, so he has the ability to run away. If there is no out, he fights more ferociously... The animal soul fights from the perspective of its personal preference. The Godly soul has a completely different basis – not a preference, but the statement, 'this is true for you too...'

The Godly soul surrounds the animal soul on all 4 sides, but the Godly soul gives it a better option, till he realizes that all he will lose is his preference, but will gain truth...

“Roots; Stairway to Heaven” p:62

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel 

Thursday 29 Iyar, 5774

Page 62

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We have come to understand the advantage of souls over angels. They have the principle of atzmus/essence. They deal with purifications – they confront what opposes God and reveal Godliness. Only souls can accomplish this.

That's why when God sent Abraham on his mission and said, 'Lech lecha...' it has the meaning of of 'go unto the essence of your soul...' God is saying, 'my beautiful mate, go to your source...'

This return is by prayer, which is described as a ladder. Jacob saw a ladder in his dream. The foot of the ladder was on the ground, but the top reached into the depth of the heavens. The soul that is dressed in the body, but connects to the root and source of the soul.

And how does prayer accomplish this feat of connection? It is because prayer is the purification of the animal soul. Prayer is not just to escape world into a lofty realm, but rather to engage the animal soul and work from 'the bottom up'.

And indeed the order of prayer reflects this process. There are stages. This is because the principles of the Godly soul are different from the perspective of the animal soul and first there has to be a cutting down of the worldly orientation. This is an external engraving/scratching – giving the animal soul a sense of something different.

The praises of the first part of prayer elevate the animal soul and away from his coarseness and physicality...

The animal had been seeing everything from a worldly perspective. It feels that its success is due to its own labor. And the first phase of prayer with its praises of God, elevate the animal soul till it senses the Godly life element in all accomplishments... and he sees his harvest is due to Godly life and is not a physical phenomenon.

After that you have the blessings of the saying of the Shema. These are preparation for saying the Shema.

Abraham was told by God to leave the physicality of the animal soul – this is the first prerequisite – leaving the coarseness of the earthly presence, and align with a higher perspective.

After that he should move forward and out from the emotions and intellect of the animal soul.

And when it reaches its limit, the Godly soul lifts up the animal soul... to essence that is beyond effect and function.

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“Unstoppable Soul” p:61-62

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel 

Wednesday 28 Iyar, 5774

Page 61

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Since souls are rooted in essence they have the ability to complete the perfection of the vessels and the drawing down of essence.

Only essence can stand up to an opposition.

So thus there is the revelation of the essence of soul.

Essence of the soul is the level of seeking and wanting without any explanation.

Essence cannot be conceptualized.

You can only conceptualize things that you can 'wrap your mind around'.

Essence is not defined by function and cannot be defined.

Even the attempt to conceptualize is besides the point.

That is why the essence of the soul is unstoppable and nothing can oppose its power.

The animal soul has levels that are beyond explanation. And the Godly soul has the ability to stand up to these elements.

The animal soul elicits the essential power from the soul...

It challenges the Godly soul and says, 'no, this is the reality. This is where you are. There is no way around it.'

At this point all intellectual explanations fail. And if the Godly soul will stop and accept the position of the animal soul it will deny the essence. So the Godly soul brings the essence to bear in opposing the animal soul.

The animal soul says, 'what's wrong with me doing right and taking credit for it?! Show me what's wrong with that.' And there is no way to show it that it is wrong... but the Godly soul is insisting that it acknowledge that the Godly truth is the real deal, and its own perspective is limited and wrong...

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“Going For Truth; Love Out of Nothing at All” p:61

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel 

Monday 26 Iyar, 5774

Page 61

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So the purification of the animal soul results in the 'download' of essence...

...and the essence does not nullify the vessels. The vessels remain with essence...!

Yesterday we were looking at the way the vessels above are purified... and we looked at what constitutes the purification of a vessel. The Rebbe identifies chochmah/wisdom and its vessel, and the way the vessel is like the light. This was compared to our faculty of sight.

In an instant you can see a limitless vista – in a second. This indicates that it is perception 'beyond vessels/keilim'. This is because the vessel of sight is so pure and accepting it can receive the full light. It does not have to translate the light into its terms to relate to it. Sight connects us to the world. It is real.

The effect of purification/birurim is that all the vessels become like this...

We looked at an object like a table, where the physicality is d-emphasized and it relates to the human quality – that is birur/refinement. By this Godliness/essence is drawn down into the world.

But the world sets up a challenge and says, 'you are pursuing an intangible reality, you are imagining'. And we answer, 'it is intangible, but it is real. It is so real you can't touch it. It is more real than world. It is the source of the world.'

And the 'dwelling place below' is this containment of essence in the vessels/things of the world. The Godly soul already has this, but by means of the purification of the animal soul there is a new revelation.

Here in this lowest world there is a clear enemy. It is an either, or situation. And that's why only here can purification take place.

Only souls, since they are rooted in essence, have the ability to execute this refinement/purification.

Essence is here, not because there is a world. It cannot, not be. There is a step of 'giving one's soul' – and you may ask, 'so where are you going?!' and the answer is, 'I am going to find the truth in nothingness'. And there's a level of 'I'll go for it', even if I won't be there...!

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“True Presence” p:61

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel  

Sunday 25 Iyar, 5774

Page 61

Just above middle of the page – (line begins, “ruck lishmoah...”) For text, click: Here or see below.

Purification below relates to the fixing of the 'vessels above'.

The vessel of chochmah/wisdom is just like the light itself. Think of the faculty of sight - this is a metaphor for wisdom. Sight and hearing are the highest faculties. Sight is not about the experience, but about 'what you see' – so too the faculty of hearing. And they are different from each other.

Sight puts you in direct contact with what you are seeing, 'tho you are using your physical eyes. This is like a direct connection. The eye is a clear channel. You don't sense you are seeing by means of the eye which is an intermediary.

This is the principle of chochmah – there would not be a sense of the reality of the world without it. Hearing is also a fine conduit, but it is still a conduit.

On the soul level it is chochmah that brings us the message that the world is real, because it connects us to God. Reality means that this situation is not accidental. Chochmah connects to the source not the physical.

This is why the vessels of chochmah are like the light.

Light & vessels; light is not separate from its source. Think of a man in his home. His presence fills it and no one is allowed to enter without his permission.

The human being has a true presence in the world. He has a superior quality. It does not depend on the physicality of the world. So his dealing with the world is from above. He interacts with the physical but concentrates on the real content. He uses a book and is focused on the content, and has the table hold the book in position for him.

So the principle of the table is fundamental, in that for a human being he should be able to focus on the real thing. It is not just the alleviation of discomfort – it is part of the real human presence. The table is representative of the human being, but translated into a vessel/form.

The purification of the vessel is that you perceive only its human element. You recognize their purpose in that they do not have a presence, but for their spiritual element.

This purification of the vessel calls forth essence.

From the perspective of wisdom/chochmah there is nothing but Godliness. Each of us has been granted this insight. It may be tucked away in some corner. It allows us to see what reality is.

As a result of the animal soul below we affect a purification of the vessels above so that they will be like the vessel of wisdom above.

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“How You Accept the Answer” p:61

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel 

Friday 23 Iyar, 5774

Page 61

14th line from top of the page – (line begins, “kuli...”) For text, click: Here or see below.

The Rebbe said, 'to know your situation, examine where you are yesterday, and where you are today'. The important factor is not where you are, but which way you are headed!

Inside the text: when the Torah was given and Israel began their work, then they took over the realm of 'action' from the angels.

Their action is to purify the evil in the lowly world. The power to do this is based exclusively in the soul powers. This is due to their supremacy, being rooted in essence.

This way the soul is in physicality, but completely aloof from it. Physicality does not blind the soul at all.

King David, was a warrior. And when he wanted to build the Temple, the prophet said that it was not for him to do. His work had been in purification of the world – eliminating Amalek etc. And it was lowly work, that involved 'spilling blood'. But he was involved in his mission only for a higher purpose.

Souls are one with Essence. They do their work and service due to the essence where they are sourced. They nullify and guide the body, so it will be accepting of the Godly command, not due to their disdain of the body, or wanting to be comfortable in the body.

This is why the soul exerts this effort.

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“Trees & Fruit; Soul Battle” p:61

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel 

ThursdayNight 22 Iyar, 5774

Page 61

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The apple on the tree, represents the Godly statement, 'let there be an apple', and it never becomes part of the earthly process.

The fruit is representative of the Creator. So too the tree, but it is seen to be closer to the earth and having less Godly vitality, in contrast to the fruit.

So too your soul, never becomes part of your body. It is life in a body...

The fruit represents the Source – the current statement of God, “you be a fruit!”

this is a Godly enclothment. So too in the body, till it accepts an action that it cannot understand. Essence elicits bitul/humility. Essence is beyond process. It does not come from anywhere. It is its own reality. Everything else does not havve its own reality, and dissipates before essence.

This is like the brain ruling over the heart. The brain goes with something, not because it 'feels like it', but due to the truth element. The heart is different – it 'feels', but lack the absolute aspect. The mind initiates and the heart is affected.

Tanya says, 'mind rules over the heart'. In the Tanya the heart is representative of the emotions and animal soul. And it goes on to say, 'every person is capable by the will of his mind to rule over his heart'. This is showing that it is not an automatic process – attention and willpower is needed.

And there is a battle for territory. Both the Godly soul and the animal soul fight to rule the brain... When the animal soul drags the Godly soul down, it is imprisoned and rebels. On the other hand when the Godly soul elevates the animal soul it consents! There is an element of forcing it, but then it say 'I want it. I have reached a point I couldn't have attained by myself'.

And what is evil/ra? What is bad? There is such a thing in the world. A First Being brings everything into reality. The concealment of Godliness, brings about a state of evil/ra – an area of confusion and lack of clarity.

There's a soul and a body. But there is a common thought that 'who needs a soul? The soul is needed to sustain the body. That's all I need it for.' There is a common conception that the soul is there to serve the body. This is the kind of confusion in the world. The purification is the putting of everything in the correct perspective.

Parents have a child and before addressing how to raise the child to real life, they start to focus on how it will 'make a living' to support the body! This is the confusion of the world.

“Sons & Servants” p:61

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel 

Thursday 22 Iyar, 5774

Page 61

4th line from top of the page – (line begins, “haray zeh...”) For text, click: Here or see below.

The soul can be dressed in the body and remain unaffected. And it remains rooted in essence. These are 2 particular features.

The soul will not be contaminated by being in the body with the animal soul. And since it is rooted in essence it has the ability to affect humility even in the coarseness of physicality.

This is like the fact that in the presence of the king there is no difference between the highest minister and the simplest soldier. The king gives the whole country a presence and a name. So from that vantage point all else is nullified.

The humility/nullification enables the entity to say, 'I have not what I make of myself, but what you make me...'

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“Be Real” p:61

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel 

Wednesday 21 Iyar, 5774

Page 61

4th line from top of the page – (line begins, “haray zeh...”) For text, click: Here or see below.

By subjugation the animal soul is refined.

In the process of subjugation/hiskafia the essence is revealed.

It is not a matter of debate – the acceptance of darkness is not due to ignorance – it is a conviction/belief. So to counter that is not a rational process – it is changed by the introduction of essence.

The body never accepts the soul to the point that it automatically follow it... “Never” means in usual cases, but there are very refined individuals, like Eliyahu who went up to heaven with his body... and many other Tzaddikim were on this level too...

Normally the soul is enclothed in the body and affects it, but from a higher perspective. The soul is in the body and knows right from wrong. But that will not affect the body, that resists... so how does the soul overcome the body's resistance and guide it? It is done by means of its essential faculty (koach atzmi).

The soul doesn't have to come to the world to discover the truth. It comes to the world to declare the truth to the world. And then it must translate the truth to the body and the world...

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“Purpose is Not Enough; Fast Food” p:60 - 61

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel 

Tuesday 20 Iyar, 5774

Page 60

2nd line from end of the page – (line begins: "בל’ת”) For text, click: Here.

We have been saying that the prohibitions have a higher source than the positive commandments/mitzvoth.

In the prohibitions there is subjugation that relates directly to 'my Father in heaven'.

When is darkness purified? It is only by means of a light that is its counterpart...

The darkness claims a place of reality. To counter this, there needs to be a light that is more than functional. This is essence.

It is due to the experience of darkness that we come to the level of light that is essential.

How do you subjugate yourself? This is from a recognition of Godly presence. Godly presence in contrast to Godly purpose/goal. A presence higher than purpose.

The ability to clarify and perfect the animal soul, is exclusively in the souls of Israel. The animal soul is at home in this world. And you turn him from his own home...

This is because souls are not captured by the worldly process/containment. And they are rooted in essence.

Your soul is rooted in essence. Wherever you go and whatever you do your principle orientation is essence. No matter the degree of involvement in world the soul will always remain aloof.

P: 61

According to the worldly process it is impossible for there to be this kind of interelationship – the soul imbued in the body. The soul can never be understood from a worldly perspective.

Think of a table. It is a physical item, but it represents a spiritual and human element. It is a leap from thought into physicality, but it goes through a procedure till you travel from spirit down into a wooded form... this is hishtalshalus. There is a natural relationship between the concept and the form.

By contrast it seems impossible that a higher spirit will be enclothed in a physical body.

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“Disengage” p:60

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel 

Monday 19 Iyar, 5774

Page 60

At the last quarter of the page – (line begins: "shenimshach”) For text, click: Here.

We have been talking about the purification of darkness. It is an illusive concept. What is there in darkness to purify? Darkness in the world appears to be a fundamental reality.

The worldly logic, or scientific outlook is all based on darkness. The purification is the nullification of the darkness as the fundamental reality, and that elicits the essence which is the real fundamental reality...

The world did not come from nothingness. It came from presence that is beyond presence...

The principle of mitzvoth is an inner struggle and subjugation of the darkness with in. Don't say I don't want 'non kosher food'. Rather say, 'I want it, but my Father said don't eat it...'

The significance is that the doing of the mitzvoth be specifically by way of subjugation. And only in this way is the higher intent fulfilled.