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“Bring The Light” p: 72

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel 10 Menachem Av, 5774 

Page 72

At 5th line from the top of the page –(line begins, “lihoto...”) 

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Yes there is an external level and the creation of the world... and these externalities are meant to be eventually illuminated by the pnimius/inner level. Israel and Torah bring this inner level... and this is the meaning of 'God gave the world to Avraham'.

It was given to him because from the outset it was made for the inner aspect.

The intent with this gift is to bring additional light into the external element, so that there too will be the revelation of the pnimiut.

There is always an element of pnimiut/inner intent with the chitzonius/externalities.

The goal being the presence of essence at the lowest levels...

And this is why Avraham also requested the place of the Temple. Why? Because this is the place where the pnimiut/internal level is revealed.

And this also explains why Avraham also said, 'if you do not give me the place of the Temple, you have not given me anything!'

He's saying all the things of the world (seder hishtalshalus) are just a reflection – not the essential truth. They allude to it, but are not it.

And when God gave Avraham the place of the Temple, that was everything.

And this is also behind God's statement, 'Can I hide from Avraham, what I am about to do...?'

There's a difference between the inner and outer levels. The outer level is precarious. It does not have an essential presence. The inner/pnimius level is essential - it is the real thing. The First Being has no support. It is not based on support. It is essential.

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